Christopher Walken Saturday Night Live Skits!

SNL Episode#15.10 Aired 1/20/90- musical guest; Bonnie Raitt

Opening Monologue - performance of "Feel Like A Million Dollars"
On this, his first appearance on SNL, Chris totally blew the audience away with this first dance number. With cane and top-hat, Chris demonstrates his tap wizardry.

Eternity Game Show
Mocking the abstract Eternity cologne ads, this game show featured Chris as the melodramatic contestant, Vernor, whose every answer is enigmatic and avant-garde.

The Break-up
A woman gets dumped by her boyfriend who has hired a messenger (played by Chris) to do the job for him.

The Continental
Based on a very old television show, Chris plays this decadent, slightly sleazy character who invites a woman over and romances her, offering her champagne and a massage. It is shot from the woman's point of view, so he talks straight into the camera. This will later prove to be a great recurring character for Chris.

Rainbow Head
Chris is a superfan who wears a multicolored afro wig and is a guest on a morning talk show.

James Bond: Lease With An Option To Kill
Chris plays Mr. Zoran, James Bond's arch nemesis. He is in the process of building a new underground lair inside of a hollowed out volcano and is running into difficulties with deliveries and the help. Things become even more difficult when Bond is caught on the property...

Chris plays an author who is a guest on a talk show in which the host gets annoyed whenever the author tries to talk about anything besides himself.

SNL Episode#18.4 Aired 10/24/92- musical guest; Arrested Development

Opening Monologue - performance of "Face The Music And Dance"
Chris sings this Irving Berlin classic while pulling several cast members on stage with him and dances with them, then he dances with Jan Hooks and Lorne Michaels backstage.

The Continental
Chris plays this supposedly worldly, yet slightly phony, extremely horny character for the second time. His woman visitor has only come to retrieve a glove that she accidentally left when she had last fled his apartment.

Ed Glosser, Trivial Psychic
Based on the concept of Dead Zone, Chris plays a guy who can foresee the future by touching someone, the only catch is that it the future events he foretells are always insignificant.

Stalk Talk
Chris plays Brian, a guest on a talk show about stalkers. Brian believes his girlfriend has had a demon spell cast on her to make her fall in love with her tennis instructor. He describes his stalking techniques.


The androgynous person gets hired by a new firm. Chris plays Carl, an account executive who becomes so perplexed by the mystery of Pat's gender that he is driven to jump out the window.

The Hospital
Chris plays Professor Cavendish, who has just aided the police in solving a crime and was injured as a result. His students and a police officer visit him in the hospital. While they are visiting, the professor must take care of some bodily functions, but insist that the guests stay despite what is being done to him physically.

Boulevard Of Broken Balls
A solo number performed by Chris, dressed in a trenchcoat leaning on a lamppost, singing with a French accent. The song sounds classic and sophisticated, but is really a song about STDs. (lyrics)

SNL Episode#21.10 Aired 1/13/96- musical guest; Joan Osbourne

Opening Monologue - performance of "Walken In A Winter Wonderland"
A Christmas medley that Chris dedicates to his mother who is always criticizing him for playing villains.

The Continental
F or a third time, Chris plays this self-proclaimed internationally-cultured man who's attempts at romancing women send them fleeing from his apartment. Shot from the woman's point of view. The victim this time hits him on the head with a fertility statue to try to make her escape.

Connie Stinson Talks

Chris plays a talk show host Jerry Springer style who has a knack for putting words into people's mouths. His guests are men who are thinking of dumping their girlfriends because they have put on weight.

Mary Katherine

Chris plays Father Healy, Guidance Counselor and Molly Shannon's recurring character, clumsy Mary Katherine Gallagher gets sent to his office to be disciplined. She has a dream sequence in which she dances with him.

Spade In America

Chris takes David Spade's place at the news desk while Spade is being linked from location via-satellite. Technical difficulties result in Spade not knowing he's on the air.

The Execution
Chris plays Wilson, a prisoner who has been strapped in the electric chair and is ready to be executed, but the hillbilly executioner tortures him with idle chat and comments before pulling the lever.

SNL Episode#25.12 Aired 4/8/00- musical guest; Christina Aguilara

Opening Monologue - performance of "Saturday Night "
On this, his fourth appearance on SNL, Chris proves he's still got it with this first song and dance number.

Recording Session
Spoof on VH1's "Behind The Music". Chris plays famed producer Bruce Dickinson at a recording session of Blue Oyster Cult's "Don't Fear The Reaper"

Elian - The Cuban Boy
Broadway musical based on the story of the little Cuban boy that two countries are fighting over. Chris plays the evil Castro.

The Continental
The Continental's fourth unsuspecting female stops by to pick up her mail. Our lovable Continental tries his best to romance her and offers her some fine champagne-ya.

Thanks, Viagra
Chris is the new Pfizer spokesperson for this wonder drug that cures Erectile Dysfunction.

Jenny Jones
Chris plays the typical Jenny Jones audience member who puts in his two cents - and then some.

Chris plays Mr. Leonard, a resident in an apartment and when a Census taker comes to fill out his Census form, Mr. Leonard gives some very unsuspected answers.

Miss Greenwood Hills
A local beauty pageant gets interesting when Molly Shannon's character Sally O'Mally decides to enter. Chris plays the dashing host of the pageant, Brett Lighthorse

SNL Episode#26.32 Aired 5/19/00- musical guest; Weezer

Opening Monologue
Chris performs "You say Potato" has lyrical difficulties and points out he's hosted 1 percent of all SNLs made to date!

Mango's Custodian

Chris plays the nightclub janitor, Leon with a crush on Chris Kattan's character, Mango. He envisions key scenes from "Gone With the Wind," "Star Wars," "Lady and the Tramp" to fantasize.

The Continental
Chris reprises this snaky character for the fifth time. The lady victim this time has come to reclaim her lost broach only to be propositioned by the Continental!

The Porch Lovers
Academics reunite for dinner and talk of a lusty past. Chris plays one of the academics whose new girlfriend is quite shocked by the dinner conversation.

Centaur Job Interview
A mythical beast applies for a hospital position. Chris plays the interviewer who asks perplexing questions of the centaur such as "Can I ride you?" and "Are you more attracted to horses or females?"

What Crawled Up His Butt?
Chris plays a doctor who diagnoses Will Farrell who plays a bath rug company exec on a rampage. The diagnoses is that a badger has made an anal entry. Chris suggests treatment which seems to be more for the badger than the patient.